Call for Bids 2008

GIS Information

This page provides shapefiles and text files relevant to the Call for Bids NS08-2 package for use in GIS mapping packages.
The shapefiles available are:

  • Call for Bids NS08-2
  • Existing licences as of November 21, 2008
  • Coastline Information
  • Offshore pipeline routes
  • National and International Boundaries
  • Marine Protected Areas
  • Well location information (surface coordinates only)
  • Geophysical program line locations (2D) or outlines (3D).

Note: a GIS application or viewer is required to open the shapefiles.

General Shape files
Seismic Line Location Shapefiles
Seismic Shotpoint Location Text files

Other geophysical program information is available from the GSC-Atlantic’s BASIN database.