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Legislation, Regulations & Guidelines

The Board's activities and decision making processes are guided by a regulatory framework which consists of the following: legislation, regulations, guidelines, memoranda of understanding and other regulatory documents. These documents can be accessed here:


pdf Office Consolidated Canada-Nova Scotia Accord Legislation (Federal Version)
pdf Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Resources Accord Implementation Act (Provincial Version)
pdf Regulations Amending Schedule I
pdf Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

Accord Agreement

pdf Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Resources Accord

Decision Reports

pdf Deep Panuke Offshore Gas Development Canada-Nova Scotia Benefits Plan and Development Plan Decision Report (2007)
pdf Application to Amend the Cohasset Panuke Development Plan Decision Report (2005)
pdf Sable Offshore Energy Project Canada-Nova Scotia Benefits Plan and Development Plan Decision Report (1997)


Nova Scotia Offshore Area Petroleum Geophysical Operation Regulations
Nova Scotia Certificate of Fitness Regulations
Nova Scotia Offshore Area Petroleum Diving Regulations
Nova Scotia Offshore Area Petroleum Production and Conservation Regulations
Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Drilling Regulations
Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Installations Regulations
Canada-Nova Scotia Oil and Gas Spills and Debris Liability Regulations


Statement of Canadian Practice with respect to the Mitigation of Seismic Sound in the Marine Environment

pdf The East Coast Offshore Petroleum Industry Training and Qualifications Guidelines(December 2005) These Guidelines are jointly developed by a committee of representatives from CAPP, COADC, CNSOPB & C-NOPB, and are posted on the CAPP website.
pdf Joint Guidelines Respecting Data Acquisition and Reporting for Well, Pool and Field Evaluations in the Newfoundland and Nova Scotia Offshore Areas (June 2003)
pdf Draft Incident Reporting Guidelines (March 2003)
pdf Joint Guidelines Regarding Applications for Significant or Commercial Discovery Declarations and Amendments (May 2003)
pdf Measurement Guidelines (October 2003)
pdf Offshore Waste Treatment Guidelines (August 2002)
pdf Compensation Guidelines Respecting Damage Relating to Offshore Petroleum Activity (March 2002)
pdf Guidelines Respecting Drilling Programs in the Nova Scotia Offshore Area (April, 2001)
pdf Conflict of Interest Guidelines For Members of the CNSOPB(January 2000)
pdf Joint C-NSOPB / C-NOPB Guidelines Respecting Financial Responsibility Requirements for Work or Activity in the Newfoundland and Nova Scotia Offshore areas. (FRR)(December 2000)
pdf Offshore Chemical Selection Guidelines (January 1999)
pdf Cost Recovery Guidelines (April 1999)
pdf Plans and Authorizations Required for Development Projects (1995)
pdf Operator’s Safety Plan (1995)
pdf Industrial Benefits and Employment Plan - Nova Scotia Offshore Area (1994, 15 p.)
pdf Transboundary Crewing Guidance
pdf Respecting Physical Environment Programs during Petroleum Drilling and Production Activities on Frontier Lands (April 1994)
pdf Issuance of Exploration Licences (1993, 6 p.)
pdf Geophysical and Geological Programs in the Nova Scotia Offshore Area- Guidelines for Work Programs, Authorizations and Reports (1992, 18 p.)
pdf Land Division (1990, 2 p.) illustrating how grids and sections are defined

Occupation Health and Safety Requirements

pdf CNSOPB Occupational Health and Safety Requirements - December 2000

Applications/ Forms

pdf Production Operations Authorization
pdf Diving Program Authorization
pdf Geophysical/Geological Work Authorization
pdf Authorization to Install
pdf Operating Licence
pdf Drilling Program Authorization
pdf Declaration of Operator
pdf Approval to Drill a Well
pdf Application to Alter the Condition of a Well
pdf Geotechnical/Engineering/Environmental Program Authorization
pdf Monthly Accident Statistics
pdf Well Termination Record
pdf Regulatory Query Form
pdf Certificate of Fitness Form


Safety Notices

pdf Offshore Lifting Operations - Malleable Cast Iron Wire Rope Clips
pdf Offshore Lifting Operations - Self Locking Eye Hooks
pdf Offshore Lifting Operations
pdf Offshore Crane Operations
pdf Electrical Lock-Out
pdf Supply / Standby Vessel Engine Pitch Controls
pdf Offshore Well Testing Operations

Notice to Operators

pdf Occupational Health & Safety Requirements
pdf Training and Qualifications Guidelines
pdf Occupational Health and Safety Requirements Training
pdf Light and Sound Signals on Fixed Offshore Platforms

Public Notices

pdf Diving Certificates

Industrial Benefits Notices

pdf Full and Fair Opportunity October 30, 2001
pdf Industrial Benefits Information Bulletin December 1999

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