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Cohasset - Panuke Project

Cohasset-Panuke Project

The Cohasset - Panuke offshore oil project development plan and benefits plan were approved, with conditions, by the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board in 1990. When it began production in 1992, it became Canada’s first offshore oil project. The project was developed by LASMO Nova Scotia Limited, in partnership with Nova Scotia Resources (Ventures) Limited. PanCanadian (En­Cana) acquired LASMO’s 50% ownership in January 1996 and became operator of the project. The Cohasset - Panuke Project operated from 1992 to 1999, producing a total of 7.1 E6M3 of oil (44.5 MMBbls). Decommissioning of the project is now complete, with the exception of ongoing environmental follow-up, expected to be complete by Q4 2009.

Monthly production data by field and well can be found at:


Cohasset-Panuke Project