Call for Bids 2007

Overview - What's New

The new parcels contain updated terms and conditions which include:

  • A lower minimum work expenditure bid, reduced from $1,000,000 to $500,000;
  • Delayed work deposits: work deposits can be submitted after three years, rather than upfront in the first year. (A work deposit is 25% of the work expenditure bid); and
  • 150% credit on allowable expenditures incurred in the first three years of the licence.

In addition to the information found in this package, digital data for the parcels will be made available through the Board's Data Management Centre. This includes a 2D and 3D data set for Parcel 1, which has been provided by the Nova Scotia Department of Energy.

The Gas and Associated Liquids Exploration Economic Model found in this package has been made available by the Nova Scotia Department of Energy. This model is designed to provide screening economics for the evaluation of gas exploration prospects and discoveries on the Nova Scotian shelf in the shallow waters around Sable Island, either as tie-ins to existing infrastructure or as stand-alone developments, and in deep water with potential as subsea tie-ins to existing infrastructure.