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Environmental Assessments

The CNSOPB is a federal authority under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA). Under the CEAA, offshore exploration activities , including exploratory drilling and seismic programs, require an environmental assessment  (EA) prior to their authorization. Exploration projects require a screening level of assessment for which the CNSOPB, as a responsible authority and in consultation with other federal authorities government departments, will make an EA decision in accordance with the CEAA. Offshore production projects, however, require completion of a more detailed assessment in the form of a comprehensive study or panel review.

Parcel 2 is within the study area of the Sable Offshore Energy Project Environmental Impact Statement and the BepCo Comprehensive Study Report for Exploration Drilling on EL 2407.

Parcel 2 is south of the Haddock Nursery Area (also known as the “Haddock Box”, and an area of deep sea coral known as “Feather Peak”). Information on the Haddock Nursery Area can be found in the Environmental Assessment of Seismic Exploration of the Scotian Shelf, and in DFO Maritimes Regional Fisheries Status Report 98/2 E

The Sable Offshore Energy Project Environmental Impact Statement is available in CD format from the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board. To obtain a copy, please call (902) 422-5588.