Call for Bids NS12-1 Parcels

AMENDMENTS - Call for Bids NS12-1

Please be advised amendments have been made to Call for Bids NS12-1 Section 2.6 (b) (iii) and Appendix V. To view the latest version of the Call for Bids NS12-1, please click here.


  • The call consists of eleven parcels, six of which are industry nominated. Four parcels are located on the deepwater southwestern Scotian Slope where there is strong evidence for an Early Jurassic restricted marine oil-prone source rock (OETR Association PFA 2011)
  • There are seven parcels on the central Scotian Margin:
    • Two parcels are located on the shelf in shallow water within the Sable Subbasin, close to infrastructure and where 23 significant gas and oil discoveries have been made to date.
    • Five parcels are located on the Scotian Slope, downdip from the Sable Delta in an area where gas charge is proven in Cretaceous turbidite sands at both the Newburn and Annapolis wells.
  • There are two natural gas pipelines on the shelf. The Sable Offshore Energy Project includes a 26” pipeline with a capacity of 600 MMscf/d and the Encana Deep Panuke Project includes a 22” pipeline with a capacity of 300 MMscf/d.


The CNSOPB has conducted a geological and geophysical assessment of the Parcels using all available data. To access this information, follow these links: Central Scotian Margin (Parcels 1 & 2, 7-11) and Western Scotian Margin (Parcels 3-6).

Seismic and well data for the parcels is available, free of charge, in digital format from the Board's Data Management Centre:

Bids must be received by 4:00 p.m. Atlantic Time, November 7, 2012.

Written Comments

The public is invited to submit written comments to the Board on the lands included in the Call for Bids. Such submissions will be considered by the Board before the issuance of Exploration Licences. The deadline for the submission of written comments is 4:00 p.m. Atlantic Time, October 23, 2012. For contact information, please click here.

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Note: Amendments have been made to Call for Bids NS12-1 Section 2.6 (b) (iii) and Appendix V. Please see the amended version of Call for Bids NS12-1 here for more information.

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