Data Management Centre

The Board's digital Data Management Centre is the first data management centre in North America to offer free of charge publicly accessible digital offshore petroleum data via a web based interface. It is located in a dedicated computer room in the Board's Geoscience Research Centre in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The DMC provides for the submission, loading, management and distribution of petroleum data. The DMC manages and distributes the following digital petroleum data: well data (i.e. logs and reports), seismic image files (e.g. TIFF, PDF), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data (e.g. licences, wells, bathymetry etc.) and production data. In the future the DMC could be expanded to include operational, safety, environmental, fisheries data, etc.

The DMC provides easy global access to quality data, significantly improving efficiency in obtaining and analyzing petroleum data, managing entitlements and reducing the cost of regulatory compliance for industry. Additional benefits of the DMC include prevention of data loss, reduction in data storage costs and facilitating scientific research by the regulatory Boards, industry, governments, universities, etc.

For addition information, please contact:

Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board
Geoscience Research Centre
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