Written Comments

Below is a list of written submissions received for public posting by the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board in regards to Call for Bids NS14-1. Written submissions are due by 4pm on July 4th, 2014.

Organization Author
Sipekne'katik Band Chief Rufus Copage
Fisheries and Oceans Canada David Millar
WWF-Canada Atlantic Office Betinna Saier, PhD.
Daniela Diz, PhD.
Tonya Wimmer, MSc.
The Maritimes Energy Association The Maritimes Energy Association


The Board considers each written comment. To see the Board’s official response, please click here.

The Canada- Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board (CNSOPB) is providing an opportunity for public input, specific to the areas included in Call for Bids NS14-1, through the submission of written comments. The deadline for the submission of public written comments is 60 days after the announcement of the Call for Bids on the CNSOPB website (4:00 p.m., Friday, July 4, 2014). In order to be given appropriate time for proper consideration by the CNSOPB and potential bidders, comments need to be received by this date. Any comments received by the deadline will be made publicly available on the Call for Bids website at www.callforbids.ca. The CNSOPB will review submissions, prior to considering the issuance of exploration licences.

Those individuals or groups submitting comments are encouraged to review the Strategic Environmental Assessment for Offshore Petroleum Exploration Activities - Eastern Scotian Slope (Eastern Portion) and Laurentian Fan (Western Portion) (Phase 2B). This document and related comments can be found on the CNSOPB's website.

It should be noted that a Call for Bids and the issuance of an exploration licence is not an indicator that an application for activity has been submitted, and it does not guarantee an authorization to work in the offshore area. Prior to approval for any exploration or development programs, an Environmental Assessment for the proposed activity will be completed, in addition to the Strategic Environmental Assessment referred to above.

In submitting comments in the following manner, you are agreeing to having your comments made publicly available on the Call for Bids website www.callforbids.ca. Please direct all written comments to:

Christine Bonnell-Eisnor
Director, Regulatory Affairs & Finance
Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board
8th Floor TD Centre
1791 Barrington Street
Halifax N.S. B3J 3K9


Fax: 902-422-1799