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Geoscience Overview

Figure 13

Parcel 2 is located about 275 km southwest of the western end of Sable Island in water depths ranging from 100-2000 metres and occupies an area defined by the continental shelf break and upper slope. It is bounded on the west by EL 2407 (Figure 13). There are no significant discovery licences in this western region of the Scotian Basin / Scotian Shelf.

Within the parcel, two wells have been drilled. The Acadia K-62 well was drilled by Chevron in 1978 in 866 m of water targeting a structural high on the interpreted Abenaki carbonate reef margin (Figure 14). A few questionable and dead oil shows were encountered over several intervals in the thick (~2100 m) Abenaki formation that was dominated by porous oolitic facies, which at the top of the succession were dolomitized. Drillstem tests did not recover any hydrocarbons. In 2002 EnCana spudded the Torbrook C-15 well in 1675 m water depth to test an interpreted Miocene turbidite channel / fan complex.  No reservoir sands were encountered and the targeted feature was later revealed to be an imbricate slump feature. Following the completion of these wells, the respective licences were relinquished.

Figure 12

Three wells have been drilled in close proximity to the parcel. The Shell Mohican I-100 well, spudded in 1971, is located immediately north of the parcel and was drilled to test structural closure over a deep seated Argo formation salt pillow inboard of the Abenaki carbonate margin. In 1984, Petro-Canada spudded the Albatross B-13 well targeting a faulted structural high on the interpreted Abenaki carbonate reef margin similar to the earlier Acadia K-62 well. In 1982, Shell spudded Shubenacadie H-100 targeting what was believed to be a Lower Tertiary turbidite fan. This well did not encounter any hydrocarbons and the targeted feature appears to be an erosional remnant. Although wells in the area (Torbrook and Shubenacadie) have targeted Tertiary turbidite/fan complexes, this play has yet to be truly tested. No hydrocarbon accumulations or significant oil or gas shows were found in any of the above wells. Additional details on the above wells are provided in the following table.

Well Year Spudded Water Depth (m) Total Depth (m) Target Fm. (Age) Play / Trap
Torbrook C-15 1 2002 1675 3600 Banquereau
Tertiary (Miocene)
Turbidite channel / fan complex
H-100 2
1982 1476 4200 Banquereau
(Early Tertiary)
Turbidite fan
Albatross B-13 3 1984 1335 4047 Abenaki
(Late Jurassic)
Reef margin faulted structure
Acadia K-62 3 1978   866 5267 Iroquois
(Early Jurassic)
Reef margin structural high
Mohican I-100 4 1971   153 4393 Abenaki / Iroquois
(Late-Early Jurassic)
Drape over salt swell structure

NOTE: Comprehensive reviews of the listed wells can be found in the following sources:
1 Torbrook C-15: Nova Scotia Deepwater Post-Drill Analysis 1982–2004 (CNSOPB, October 2007, p.107–114).
2 Shubenacadie H-100: Nova Scotia Deepwater Post-Drill Analysis 1982–2004 (CNSOPB, October 2007, p.54–61).
3 Albatross B-13 & Acadia K-62: The Upper Jurassic Abenaki Formation Offshore Nova Scotia: A Seismic and Geologic Perspective (CNSOPB, June 2005, p.117–134).
4 Mohican I-100: The Upper Jurassic Abenaki Formation Offshore Nova Scotia: A Seismic and Geologic Perspective (CNSOPB, June 2005, pp.14, 17-18, 31, 40, 130 & 144).

A number of seismic surveys have been acquired over portions of Parcel 2 since the early 1970s. Interpretation reports are available for most of them, with the following table listing the available programs.

CNSOPB Programs #
(links by Program)
(links by company)
pdf 8620-S14-6E pdf Soquip 1983
pdf 8620-S24-1P pdf Seiscan 1972
pdf 8624-P28-2E pdf Petro-Canada 1978
pdf 8624-P28-34E pdf Petro-Canada 1982
pdf 8624-P28-49E pdf Petro-Canada 1982
pdf 8624-P28-50E pdf Petro-Canada 1982
pdf 8624-S6-12E pdf Shell Canada 1973
pdf 8624-S6-25E, 26E pdf Shell Canada 1981
pdf 8624-S6-28E, 31E pdf Shell Canada 1981
pdf 8624-S6-32E pdf Shell Canada 1982
pdf 8624-S6-38E pdf Shell Canada 1983
pdf 8624-T21-6E pdf Texaco Canada 1980
pdf 8624-T21-8E pdf Texaco Canada 1981
pdf 8624-W13-1P pdf Western 1983
pdf NS24-G26-1P * pdf TGS-Nopec 1998
pdf NS24-G5-2P * pdf GSI 1999
pdf NS24-G5-8P * pdf GSI 2003
pdf NS24-G75-3P * pdf GX Technology 2003
pdf NS24-P3-2E pdf EnCana 2000
pdf NS24-T63-4P * pdf TGS-Nopec 2003

* These programs are confidential.