Call for Bids 2008

Summary - Parcel 2

  • Considerable hydrocarbon potential within the reef margin facies of the Jurassic Abenaki formation - directly analogous to Deep Panuke gas discovery (mean OGIP 1 Tcf).
  • Wells targeting the Abenaki carbonate bank located on and near the parcel have encountered porous dolomitized intervals.
  • Potential for Tertiary age turbidite fan complexes, such as those interpreted on EL 2407 directly adjacent to Parcel 2.
  • A number of salt-cored structures have been observed, outboard of the carbonate bank, with potential for deep water carbonate or draped clastic reservoirs.
  • Located in western region of the Scotian Basin, 275 km southwest of Sable Island in water depths from 150 – 2300 m.
Figure 13