Call for Bids 2008

Overview of the Call for Bids

A Call for Bids is a formal announcement by the Board that Exploration Licences (EL), Significant Discovery Licences (SDL) or Production Licences (PL) are available to be awarded through a competitive closed bid process. The land available for licensing has either been chosen for the Call by the Board or through a nomination, whereby interested parties can nominate specific land parcels that they deem prospective for future Call for Bids.

The Call for Bids specifies:

  • The type of interest to be issued (EL, SDL or PL);
  • The terms and conditions of the interest;
  • The form and manner in which the bid is to be submitted;
  • A closing date;
  • The sole criterion that the Board will apply in assessing bids submitted in response to the Call.

pdf Call for Bids NS11-1