Call for Bids 2007

Exploration Potential

In addition to Penobscot, additional hydrocarbon potential may exist on the parcel.

The Penobscot parcel is positioned along the same geological trend as the Cohasset-Panuke and Deep Panuke discoveries. The Cohasset-Panuke project produced oil from Cretaceous aged deltaic sands draped over the Jurassic carbonate bank. Further exploration drilling by EnCana resulted in the discovery of a gas bearing carbonate reef (Deep Panuke) below the Cohasset-Panuke oil fields. The potential for this type of carbonate reef play may also exist on the parcel.

Similar to Penobscot, additional subtle and low relief anticlinal structures may be present on the parcel. These structures are often difficult to identify on seismic (in the time domain). Due to the subtle nature of these features, accurate seismic interpretation and depth conversion are necessary in order to define these structures.