Well Data Reports

To access Sample Data and Reports in pdf format please visit the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board Data Management Centre website www.cnsopbdmc.ca and apply for a user name and password, or contact the CNSOPB’s Geoscience Research Centre by phone (902)435-2548 or email dmcsupport@cnsopb.ns.ca. For a comprehensive listing of available data and reports see CNSOPB Geological and Geophysical Information available on Call for Bids NS13-1. Physical samples and reports may be viewed free of charge at the Geoscience Research Centre, 201 Brownlow Ave., Dartmouth, NS. Please phone (902)435-2548 to book an appointment. 

Parcel 1

Emma N-03.pdf
Kegeshook G-67.pdf
Mariner I-85.pdf
Migrant N-20.pdf
Penobscot B-41.pdf
Penobscot L-30.pdf
Venture B-52.pdf

Parcel 2

Abenaki J-56.pdf
Abenaki L-57.pdf
Dover A-43.pdf
Iroquois J-17.pdf
Uniacke G-72.pdf

Parcel 3

Erie D-26.pdf
Mic Mac D-89.pdf
Mic Mac J-77.pdf
Missisauga H-54.pdf
Wyandot E-53.pdf

Parcel 4

Chippewa G-67.pdf
Chippewa L-75.pdf
Citadel H-52.pdf
North Banquereau I-13.pdf
Peskowesk A-99.pdf
Sauk A-57.pdf
Southwest Banquereau F-34.pdf
Tuscarora D-61.pdf

Parcel 5

Esperanto K-78.pdf
Hesper I-52.pdf
Hesper P-52.pdf
Huron P-96.pdf
Louisbourg J-47.pdf
South Griffin J-13.pdf
West Esperanto B-78.pdf

Parcel 6

Dauntless D-35.pdf
Hesper I-52.pdf
Hesper P-52.pdf
Sachem D-76.pdf